MOVI Hardwire

MOVI Hardwire

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Hardwire your MōVI Pro or XL to the Alpha Wheels. Great for moving car shoots where you never know what wireless environment you will enter.

Made with high-quality, Mogami cable.



The hardwired cable is the only cabled solution for wheels to gimbals on the market. The wireless world is great, but sometimes you need a break from it. 

Precise Response

With the hardwire and an Alpha Link MIMIC the Alpha Wheels communicate directly with the MOVI Pro and XL via Freefly's precise, all-digital API. And because the data does not have to be bundled into wireless packets, it a snappier wheel-to-gimbal response you can feel while operating. 

Plug and Play

The Alpha Link MIMIC already pre-configures the Alpha Wheels for the Freefly API. Just plug it all together and go. 


Q: Is the hardwire compatible with any other gimbals besides the MōVI Pro and XL?
A: No, Freefly's API is what makes this possible. Other gimbals have not given us the kind of control to be able to do this.

Q: Does this require the Alpha Link MIMIC?
A: Yes.

Q: Can this work with the Alpha Link S.Bus or MOVI Controller?
A: No.

Q: Do you make a longer cable?
A: Talk to a sales agent about your needs.