International Shipping Policies

International Deposit

Because we are small company, we are unable to calculate shipping costs instantly during checkout for international orders. As such, we collect a $150 USD deposit for international shipments. If your shipping cost is less than that, when your package is ready to be shipped, we will refund the difference and ship your package as quick as possible.

In the likely event that it is more than $150 USD. We will send you invoice detailing the difference in the shipping cost. Once that invoice is paid, we immediately ship your package.

Sometimes because of the time it takes to communicate over different time zones, this international deposit process can add up to 2 business days to complete. If you need your products sooner, please email us at to pay larger deposit so that we can ship as soon as possible. 

Taxes and Duties

1A Tools is not responsible for taxes and duties. Those will be billed to you by DHL.

DHL Only

We only ship DHL for international orders unless you provide an DHL, FedEx or UPS shipping account number and zip code. No exceptions.

Average Costs

For Alpha Wheels the shipping cost ranges from $150 to $300 depending on destination and weight (brass is a lot heavier).

For Tripod Adapters and Handle Clamps, the shipping cost ranges $60 to $90.

Your shipment may be more. Prices change regularly and wildly depending on international relations and other factors such as the cost of jet fuel.