Current Shipping Estimates

As of January 2019

*Shipping times subject to change because of unforeseen manufacturing delays and/or acts of God. 

Alpha Wheels

Alpha Wheels w/ Aluminum - In Stock

Alpha Wheels w/ Brass - LOW STOCK

MōVI Controller Com Cable - In Stock

Futaba Com Cable - Specialty Order

Brass Wheel Upgrades - In Stock

About 1A Tools and Shipping

We're proud to say we are active cinematographers and design, assemble, ship, and support all of 1A Tools products. This means that we have a hands on relationship with both designing the products and using them on set constantly. But it also means that if we're on set, it may take us an extra time to reply to a last minute email about an order or send out your Alpha Wheels for your shoot tomorrow. 

Rush Shipping

As a company policy, it takes us 3-5 business days to process and ship all orders. For Alpha Wheels, it may take longer because of our extensive QC process. Please, when you consider the equipment needs of your next shoot, consider that it takes us extra processing time to ship your purchases. 

Low Stock

Anything with "low stock" is running extremely low and may have already sold out inventory because of other customer orders. We encourage you to go ahead and place your order. If it is out of stock, we will notify you via email and give you options for either cancelling or holding your place in line. 

Cancelling a Backorder

You may cancel a backorder at any time before it ships.