Alpha Link MIMIC

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Alpha Link MIMIC


Digitally connect the Alpha Wheels to your MōVI via the MIMIC using the Alpha Link MIMIC. 

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The Alpha Wheels were the first wheels to communicate with a MōVI digitally via the MōVI Controller. Now with the Alpha Link MIMIC, take advantage of Freefly's new digital API for the fastest, most repeatable operating experience possible.

All Digital = Better Performance

Faster response, repeatable moves, no drifting. The Alpha Link MIMIC is optimized from Freefly's All-Digital API. This means that the absolute position data is communicated directly from the wheels to the MōVI.  With other wheels that use off-the-shelf RC transmitters, wheel data is converted to analog and averaged before being sent to the gimbal.  This results in drifting and a sluggish response. With the Alpha Link MIMIC you get the best performance, with the simplest setup.

Never Adjust Trim

You no longer have to adjust trim because the all digital communication via the Freefly API completely manages the gimbal's systems for you. Focus on the shot, not the manual.  

Simple Setup

Step 1, Plug the Alpha Link in to a Com port on the MIMIC. Done.

Dedicated Speed Knobs

Quickly and easily adjust the pan tilt speed/direction using the dedicated knobs on the Alpha Link MIMIC. 


1x Alpha Link MIMIC
1x MIMIC Com Cable


Q: How will it connect to the Alpha Wheels?
A: The Alpha Link MIMIC has a built in Lemo cable that plugs into the EXT port on the back of the Alpha Wheels.

Q: How will it connect to the MIMIC?
A: The Alpha Link MIMIC will come with 1 MIMIC Com Cable that plugs in the back of the Alpha Link MIMIC and also into one of the Com ports on the MIMIC.

Q: When will it ship?
A: We have begun production. We estimate shipping mid-April.

Q: Does this work with the MōVI M15, M10, M5 or older MIMIC Beta?
A: No. The Alpha Link MIMIC is strictly for use with the MōVI Pro MIMIC.

Q: How do you recomend powering the MIMIC and the Alpha Wheels?
A: The MIMIC has it's own battery and can power the Alpha Wheels via the Com Cable. On a full charge, the MIMIC's internal battery will power the Alpha Wheels for approximately 5-6 hours. 

Q: How do I setup the Alpha Link MIMIC?
A: We will update the Alpha Wheels Manual when we release the Alpha Link MIMIC. But to summarize it, it will be almost entirely plug and play. 

Q: Is there really no need for trim?
A: No need. When the Alpha Wheels are not moving, the Alpha Link MIMIC actively communicates to the gimbal not to move. In the digital world, zero is literally 0. 

Q: Will you have a bracket to mount the MIMIC to the Alpha Wheels?
A: Maybe. Let us know if you want that by emailing us at