A century old cinematic tradition, brought into the 21st century.

Cross-gimbal compatibility and a focus on all-digital precision mean that the Alpha Wheels give you the best operating experience possible.

Mimic 003.1.jpg

MIMIC Interface

The Alpha Wheels and MIMIC finally come together in perfect all-digital harmony with the Alpha Link MIMIC.



Upgrade your Movi M10/M15 handles to be tool-less. Get the angle you want on the fly. 


Movi Tripod Adapter

From Movi to Tripod instantly. No downtime. 


Alpha Wheels

"The Alpha Wheels really take gimbal work to the next level. It’s the only system that can combine all 3 modes of operating that we use everyday, wheels, mimic, and joystick."

— Phil Miller, Flyspeed Camera Systems

Movi Adjustable Handle Clamp

"An essential accessory for any Movi. This clamp does not slip! I can't tell you how many little allen screws I've stripped out trying to tighten the Movi handles."

— Chris Herr, Movi Operator

Into The Badlands, Straight Outta Compton

Tripod Adapter

"In order to be a great camera operator, I need to be ready to shoot as quickly as possible no matter what the situation calls for. The 1A Tools Movi Tripod Adapter allows me to go from Movi mode to handheld / studio mode in less than five minutes without having to re-rig anything. It is truly an essential part of my camera operating kit."

— Sam Nuttman, DP/Movi Operator

Into The Badlands, Mob City