Alpha Link S.BUS/S.buS XR

Alpha Wheels and your gimbal in all-digital harmony

The ultimate, purpose-built wireless transmitter for Alpha Wheels brings more responsive, repeatable operating to gimbals everywhere. The Alpha Link S.Bus simplifies your on set workflow.

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Alpha Wheels for All

MōVI, Ronin, Gravity—no matter the gimbal, the Alpha Link S.Bus works. Plus the processor inside the Alpha Link S.Bus customizes the output signal for each gimbal to deliver the best response and most repeatable moves possible. We used lasers to measure and map the individual patterns of each gimbal, and then built unique algorithms in the Alpha Link S.Bus for each.


All-Digital Difference

We’re leaving the analog world behind. In a first for the gimbal world, with the Alpha Link S.Bus, every single step in the chain between the wheels and your gimbal is digital. The Alpha Wheels use the Alpha Link S.Bus to share absolute position information directly to your gimbal. All other wheels for gimbals use analog signals.

Repeatable Moves

When wheels use analog wireless components, the analog signal looses small nuance in the operating. As you move the wheels small details are averaged out, meaning when you return the wheel position to where you thought the headroom was, it will be different. By switching to digital, these details are never lost. Every 0.08° you move a hand wheel is captured and sent by the Alpha Link S.Bus to your gimbal, never lost, never averaged.

Faster REsponse Time

When operating with wheels, the link between your hand and the frame becomes intuitive. Without lag, it becomes invisible. The Alpha Link S.Bus uses a unique timing system we developed to reduce lag time to create the best operating experience possible.  

Never Adjust Trim

There is no absolute zero in an analog signal, just a noise floor. In the digital world, zero is quite literally 0. That means with the Alpha Link S.Bus' all-digital signal, when you don’t move the wheels, the gimbal doesn’t move. Never adjust trim again. Period.

Alpha Link S.Bus Vs...

When other wheels use off the shelf RC transmitters, they compromise quality. The Alpha Link S.Bus uses a robust, modern, completely digital wireless system designed for film sets—not flying RC planes.

Alpha Link S.Bus Others
Input Signal
Analog (PPM)
Intended User
RC Hobbyists
Data Type
12-bit Absolute Position
Analog Wheel Speed
Error Checking
285 Times/Second
Output Remapping
Gimbal Specific
Signal Trim
Must be Trimmed Out

Wireless Performance

We use high performance, industrial wireless modules that have been proven across multiple industries and on countless film sets. The transmitters use powerful FHSS (Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum) technology that automatically jumps across wireless bands every 13ms to reduce interference. Each time data is sent, it is checked for errors and resent if necessary on a different band. All invisibly to ensure your wheels and gimbal work in perfect harmony.



Two knobs for speed and two wheels for operating is all you need. You want to spend time operating, not running through menus, adjusting trim or deadband. 

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Two Versions

The Alpha Link S.Bus comes in two version the standard and the XR.



The standard Alpha Link uses a 10mW frequency hopping, spread spectrum transmitter, and has a range of approximately 600 feet line of sight. This transmitter has been approved for use in the US, Canada, Mexico, EU and UK.

s.Bus XR

The XR, Extended Range, uses a high power 125mW frequency hopping, spread spectrum transmitter for users looking for the ultimate in long range robust connections. It has a range of approximately 1500 feet line of sight. This transmitter has only been approved for use in the US and Canada.