Alpha Link S.BUS

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Alpha Link S.BUS

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Digitally connect the Alpha Wheels to your Ronin, Gravity or MōVI via the Alpha Link S.Bus Transmitter and Receiver.

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The Alpha Link S.Bus and S.Bus XR are the first and only all-digital, purpose-built wireless system designed specifically to transmit wheel data to gimbals. They pair perfectly with the Alpha Wheels and Ronin, Gravity, and MōVI Gimbals.

All Digital = Better Performance

Faster response, repeatable moves, no drifting. The Alpha Link S.Bus is an end-to-end all digital system. This means that the absolute position data is communicated directly from the wheels to your gimbal.  With other wheels that use off-the-shelf RC transmitters, wheel data is converted to analog and averaged before being sent to the gimbal.  This results in drifting and a sluggish response. With the Alpha Link S.Bus you get the best performance, with the simplest setup.

Never Adjust Trim

You no longer have to adjust trim. Without any analog link in the wireless chain, trim issues are eliminated entirely. 

Simple Setup

The Alpha Link S.Bus requires a simple short setup process once and is saved to your Alpha Wheels memory.

Dedicated Speed Knobs

Quickly and easily adjust the pan tilt speed/direction using the dedicated knobs on the Alpha Link S.Bus. 

Intelligent Wireless System

The Alpha Link S.Bus uses cross-industry proven wireless modules. The transmitters use powerful FHSS (Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum) technology that automatically jumps across wireless bands every 13ms to reduce interference. Each time data is sent, it is checked for errors and resent if necessary on a different band. All invisibly to ensure your wheels and gimbal work in perfect harmony.


1x Alpha Link S.Bus Transmitter
1x Alpha Link S.Bus Receiver


Q: How will it connect to the Alpha Wheels?
A: The Alpha Link S.Bus and S.Bus XR have a built in Lemo cable that plugs into the EXT port on the back of the Alpha Wheels.

Q: How will it connect to my gimbal?
A: The Alpha Link S.Bus has our 4-Pin Alpha Link connector on it. We include a (1) cable to go from the receiver to your gimbal. When you add the Alpha Link to your cart, it will ask for your gimbal. If you would like additional backup cables, or if you have multiple gimbals, you can purchase additional Alpha Link Cables.

Q: What is the range?
A: ~600 Feet for the standard Alpha Link S.Bus and ~1500 feed for the Alpha Link S.Bus XR. Distances are line of sight in ideal conditions.

Q: Can I extend the range?
A: Yes, you can extend the range of your Standard and XR units by adding higher gain antennas

Q: Does this work with all MOVI models?
A: Yes. Including the MOVI Pro.

Q: How is the transmitter powered?
A: The transmitter is powered through the Alpha Wheels.

Q: How is the receiver powered?
A: The receiver is powered through the S.Bus (or D.Bus) port on your gimbal.

Q: Can it work with other gimbals besides the MōVI, Ronin, or Gravity? 
A: Not officially, you're welcome to attempt to do so. The S.Bus signal generated by the Alpha Link conforms to industry standards. The only reason we have limited it to those gimbals is that each has particular channel mapping and scaling settings that we have mapped and programmed into the Alpha Link.