Service Request


How does the Service work?

When you purchased your 1A Tools product(s), you agreed to the terms and conditions. If you'd like to review it, please visit the terms and conditions page. For your convenience, we have outlined the steps in the terms and conditions here: 


After we receive your RMA Service request, we will process to make sure it is directed to the right department. If we need more information, we will email you to make sure we have all the relevant and necessary documenation.


If your service request is made within 30 days of receiving your 1A Tools product, 1A Tools will pay for shipping to/from the original shipping destination on your receipt or within the United States. 

Otherwise, you will be responsible for shipping to/from 1A Tools. Keep in mind, 1A Tools is not responsible for any damage during shipping that 1A has not paid for.


Once we receive your product and inspect it, we will give you an estimated time to service the product. And if your the service required is under warranty we will conduct the service immediately.

If the service is out of warranty, we will provide an estimate for your approval. Upon approval, we will begin service.


Once your unit is serviced, it will undergo the same original QC process when it was originally shipped. If your product qualifies for free shipping, we will ship it back to you. If it does not qualify, we will send you a quote for return shipping or request a shipping account number.