Alpha Link V2 Receiver Upgrade

Alpha Link V2 Receiver Upgrade


If your Alpha Link Receiver has a ID number on the front and no USB port, it is a Version 1 Alpha Link Receiver. Purchase a new Version 2 receiver for the following benefits:

  • Support for Ronin 2
  • Support for Freefly API with digital absolute positioning for MōVI Pro/XL
  • Future gimbal support via firmware updates
  • Improved S.Bus compatibility with different gimbals
  • Standardized speeds on the the Alpha Link TX speed knobs
  • More robust wireless interference protection
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Q: Do I need to ship back my old Alpha Link Receiver? 

A: No. We will just ship you a new receiver.

Q: How do I update my Alpha Link Transmitter to work with my new Receiver?

A: First, update both your Alpha Wheels and new Alpha Link Receiver to the newest firmware. Then follow the instructions on the setup page for changing the channel. Changing the channel of your Alpha Wheels will reset the Transmitter.