REINVENTING the (hand)wheel

Hand wheels are no longer bound to technocranes and high-end commercials. The Alpha Wheels bring precision framing to every set, even virtual ones. 


What you need to get started...

Want to know how the Alpha Wheels can connect to your gimbal? Use our helpful guides to find out which option is best for you.


Direct Movi Controller Integration

Single cable. Plug and play. Zero downtime.

With the Movi Controller and Alpha Wheels, you can switch from Mimic to Joystick to Wheels in seconds. Unlike other wheels, there's no rebinding or swapping out of transmitters. The Alpha Wheels are bus-powered off the Movi Controller's batteries via a single cable.

Mimic 003.1.jpg


Seamless, all-digital interface for the MIMIC

All-digital communication. No drifting. Ultra-low lag. Dedicated speed knobs. Repeatable moves. Plug and play. The Alpha Wheels + MIMIC Module provides the ultimate in precision operating experience. 


Pre-vis Cine Designer Integration

First ever wheels to work in pre-vis software. 

Use your wheels before you even get to set with industry-renowned Cine Designer. Together the Alpha Wheels and Cine Designer make the most robust visualization combination.


Control for Every Remote Head/Every Gimbal/Every Camera

With an industry-first Open API, the Alpha Wheels are the first wheels that can work across the full spectrum of remote heads, gimbals, cameras, and more. If you can imagine a use for the wheels, with some simple software programming, they can almost certainly be used for them.

Communication protocols in development: Serial via USB, Serial via Lemo, CAN BUS, Raw Encoder Data, and stepper motor compatible Step and Direction signal. 

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Two Types of Wheels

Alpha Wheels come in two varieties to fit your needs and preferences as an operator.



High inertia. Precise movements. Brass wheels are more than 3x as heavy as aluminum and use pure physics to smooth your shots. 



Lightweight. Responsive. Aluminum wheels provide the option for quick movement. 6061 Aluminum Anodized Space Grey.

Hand Wheels: a century of precision

Cinematographers have been using wheels since the beginning of filmmaking. Wheels provide a tactile operating experience that is natively precise while very human in movement. Amongst high-end cinematographers, wheels are the preferred choice over the fluid head or the joystick. 

Future Proof

From pre-vis to set, the Alpha Wheels work with multiple platforms. And with re-programmable ports and firmware updates, it will work with more to come. And with it's open serial API, the Alpha Wheels are the first and only set of open platform wheels.


Built for Cinematographers by Cinematographers

The Alpha Wheels were designed and made by cinematographers, Boyd Hobbs and Connor O'Brien. The first set of wheels went straight off the machine and onto a set. 



Weight: 6 lbs unit only w/ aluminum wheels, 9.5 lbs w/ aluminum wheels and base, 16 lbs w/ brass wheels and base

Encoders: High-Resolution, 12-bit, Capacitive Encoders

Power Inputs

  • 7-25V Unregulated via 2-Pin Lemo (Arri Polarity)
  • 5V Regulated via IO Port
  • 5V Regulated via Micro USB

Supported Outputs via Interfaces

  • Freefly MōVI Pro via Alpha Link MIMIC, Alpha Link S.Bus (XR) and MōVI Controller
  • Freefly MOVI M15/M10/M5 via MōVI Controller, Alpha Link S.Bus (XR) and compatible Spektrum and Futaba Controllers
  • Cine Designer via Micro USB
  • DJI Ronin via Alpha Link S.Bus (XR) and compatible Futaba Controllers
  • Tilta Gravity via Alpha Link S.Bus (XR) and compatible Futaba Controllers

Additional Open API Outputs

  • Serial via USB*
  • Serial via IO Port*
  • CAN Bus via EXT Port**

* Serial protocol under development

** CAN Bus protocol under development

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